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  Here at ADA Kings our biggest project is to help give new royals the knowledge and tools they need to be a Great King.

                                   What is ADA Kings and how it works

ADA Kings is a blockchain validate that uses a pool of ADA coins to be selected to validate the next block on the Cardano blockchain. 


                                               For beginners 

What is blockchain- Blockchain is a distributed ledger that gets validated by nodes.

What is a node- A node is a computer or mobile phone that writes infomation on the blockchain and verifies that information is correct and true. ADA Kings runs a node.

What is a crypto wallet- A crypto wallet is a software that can store a crypto currency and interact with the blockchain of that currency.

Daedalus wallet Download:

What is cardano- Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain that will host smart contracts 

What is ADA- ADA is the crypto currency that powers Cardanos blockchain

What is proof of stake- Proof of stake is the process of node selection to validate the next block on the network. The network randomly selects a coin, the node that holds the coin in its pool gets to validate the block. The more coins the node has the high chance it has to be selected.

What are smart contracts- Smart contracts are regular contrats, they are just in digital form and hosted on a blockchain. And the blockchain excutes the terms of the contract so there is no need for a 3rd party.

How do i get crypto currency- You can get crypto through a exchange or broker. These are set up like a stock exchange, because they are very simaler. Instead of trading stocks you can trade dollars to different crypto currencys. Then you can send the crypto currencys to your personal crypto wallet.





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ADA Kings is a low fee pool so that our delegates get the most reward we can offer.

Our pool has one of the lowest daily operating cost, and only 1% run fee. We operate our node behind relay nodes for high pool security. Our node runs 24/7/365 so we maximize pool production. So delegate with Kings so you can sit back and enjoy your kingdom.

Someone who wants to invest in Cardano and receive rewards in ADA  would need to hold ADA in a personal Cardano wallet such as (Daedalus). You could fund this wallet by buying ADA on a exchange (Binance or Kraken) then sending from the exchange to the personal wallet (Daedalus). Once the desired funds are in the personal wallet. You can go to the delegation section of the wallet and delegate to the desired pool (ADA Kings). The pool then uses the collection of coin like vouchers to mint the next block on the chain. If one of the vouchers is selected the pools node will verify the block and mint the rewards. The Pool will then take fees for pool operation the distribute the remaining reward between the wallets that are delegated to it. The rewards are distributed by the amount the wallet delegated, the higher the amount delegated the higher the reward.



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